No chichi: Chicago, the spaces in between

Museum of Contemporary Art designed by Josef Paul Kleihues

I am fascinated with spaces and always have been. I was born in a city where you can get a crook in your neck from the verticality of the place. Chicago is more kind on your neck, even though home of the skyscapers. Sam Alexander, my design and film teacher said, the job of the book designer is to look like you aren’t there, and all the while you are guiding them through spaces. The same holds true for architects and interior designers.

Museum of Contemporary Art stairwell view. Carp optional.

picas and airport

The famous Picasso sculpture, around which the skateboarders go, and office workers sitting having lunch. Murals at the Midway. Both show how a city thinks about it space, what it utilizes.

redefine spacesHow it may redefine spaces.

wright and downtownWhich space is more famous?*

downtown chiTypical, yet not so typical urban.


downtown chi 2Or how spaces exist when someone is not there.

The shot directly above was in a storefront. Notice the placement of red.

mus compOr how self-aware a city is.

The shot above was done within the exhibition, Skyscraper: Art and Architecture Against Gravity, at the Museum of Contemporary Art.


*For more on one of its giants.


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