Hold your breath. . .count to ten

All this and Adele and Oscar, too. (Vevo yanked the “official video” off youtube.)

Aside from being one of the best Oscar shows in years, I was knocked out how much was an apology for former wrongs. This included Dame Shirley Bassey singing the never nominated “Goldfinger” onstage, when one can hardly remember the winner of that 1964 category, “Chim Chim Cher-ee.” Sammy Davis once did a whole song about this at the Oscars. Oh, yeah, it was 50 years of Bond. So why didn’t someone assemble the entire cast of Bonds onstage? That would have been a show!

streisandAnother former snubee, Streisand, delivered a beautiful memorial for Marvin Hamlisch. Friendship has no bounds. You remember the year the former director, songwriter and singer of The Mirror Has Two Faces, was not asked to the Oscars to sing her own nominated song. Instead, they let Celine Dion do it and her own song for the Titanic. No one mention Lauren Bacall.

This was the reverse of the treatment Adele got. The other nominated songs, barely squeezed into the production like the last blobs of toothpaste, while Zeta-Jones and Hudson, did big renditions of Broadway songs, again never nominated. You know, original songs category.

But apologizing over old snubs, had nothing to do in the face of new snubs. Speilberg winning for Lincoln, is reminiscent of Warren Beatty for Reds. Affleck for example, has joined the ranks of Hitchcock or Chaplin, both of whom never won an Oscar, and sometimes never nominated. He also joins “women” directors, Streisand (Prince of Tides) and especially, Penny Marshall snubbed for both Big and the beautiful Awakenings. They got as much as Dame Judi, who received nothing, neither for Marigold, nor Skyfall.

3starsWhat great sets, but another goof for the memorials. Did anyone mention that they forgot this to include these two guys, after forgetting this former Academy Award supporting actress nominee the year before. The mystery flavor dum dums that put that category together ought to get a one-way ticket to Palookaville.

Seeing Jane Fonda reminded me how insider these awards can be. Her ailing father, who had hardly been nominated for anything (Grapes of Wrath), won for Golden Pond, after Fonda called in every marker she could find. It pulled in Katharine Hepburn for an unprecedented fourth Oscar! Take that Daniel Day Lewis. In his defense, there was nothing more sappy than the Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? film, even the technicolor was crappy. Oh, yeah, the third one she “shared” with Streisand.

Wasn’t it funny they included Andrew Sarris in the memorial. He was always supercritical of the Oscars. In the 70s, he regularly devoted yearly a column in the Voice to knocking them for their choices. He would have probably have knocked them for not nominating Jake Gyllenhaal for End of Watch. Much less, Daniel Craig.


All pictures here are probably copyright protected, if I thought the Oscars would have been that much fun, I would have used a camera like I did with Mick.


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One Response to “Hold your breath. . .count to ten”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    Henry Fonda hardly got nominated for anything? I thought he’d be the guy that would knock out a nomination for every performance.

    Also… to the comment above… fishy. Who still uses MySpace?

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