Snowdapest: Windows

“When they are alone they want to be with others, and when they are with others they want to be alone. After all, human beings are like that.” –Gertrude Stein


Édessegék, minőségi borok Ajándékkosarak (translation: Sweets, quality wine gift baskets)

I loved this little storefront, the minute I spotted it on the Pest side. At once, nostalgic, until you catch the drift of the grafitti which fits quite nicely.

windows 2 shop signsHungarian sure is one of the most visually challenging languages I ever saw. It does not scare me when I hear it. Although any semblance of pronounciation is pure conjecture! The above shot came from nearby Mátyás-templom. (translation:Matthias Church) 

I have written about screens, and how screen are just about everywhere in our culture. Windows and posters are a little different. It is like the difference between a postcard and a commercial. Doesn’t that sound very Steinian?

windows DSC_0562This shot (above) was also on Castle Hill. The painted front was appealing as this is the city that Victor Vasarely launched his art career. The other famous Hungarian is László Moholy-Nagy.

dahony compositeWe were on Dahony and Janene picked up on this little shop.

composite windowsThe clock window was also in Prague.

window weddingI’m a sucker for wedding dresses.

window implantI loved this billboard, the girl is such a natural.

window weddingNext to  the United States Cafe, and north of Blaha Lujza tér on Erzsébet krt. This reminded me of the Parisian photographer, Eugène Atget.

window composite2Fashion is often strange. I don’t know if this fashion shot was intentional to be reminiscent.


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