Snowdapest: Trófea Grill Étterem

buda trofeoWhile doing my homework, I came across this restaurant, that I got curious about: Trófea Grill Buffet-Meal. Frommer’s Budapest had said:

After your afternoon of thermal bathing, you may want to head back to your hotel to rest, but if you have done so at the thermals, then head out for dinner. You can take the Yellow metro from Széchenyi and go one stop to Mexikói or choose a dining spot from our recommendations, but either way, make a reservation.


You have had a full day of exercise, so treat yourself to the best Hungarian all-you-can-eat restaurant in the city. With more than 100 choices from soups to desserts and everything in between, everyone is sure to leave satisfied.

1145 Budapest,  Erzsébet Királyné útja 5. Mexikói út line orange, last stop, walk a block south
Reservation: 09:00 – 21:00         Phone: 06-1-251-6377       06-20/30-251-6377″

Even though Phil had suggested going to the baths, a short period of time only allowed very little time. As we spent the day largely on Andrássy út, it was logical to wind up here. I thought we could walk it, but it is divided by highway, I believe and we wound up on the wonderful orange line. It was exactly as Google maps showed it, a block or so from Mexikói út exit along the tram tracks. There it sat in a neighborhood setting. For 4449 Hungarian Forint ($19.70), it was a fun time. Good food, free booze.

trofeo soupsThree soups on a snowy day: Gulyás (Goulash soup) (front, the real thing!), a vegetable soup (left, back) and farina dumplings in a chicken soup (right, back).

With my central European background, you knew I had to be a sucker for soup, especially out of the cold. The gulyás, with that good taste of beef and that spiciness that paprika brings was perfect. The farina dumplings were fine, even without the eggs as I am accustomed to. In fact, as the meal ended, I went back for a second bowl.

As Trófea is a grill, and me like a “duh,” is wondering why all these people are loading their dishes with raw meats and asides. It took me sitting across from the grill to realize these things would be “cooked,” including eggs, by a chef, kind of like a Mongolian barbeque. But if you did not want that, there was plenty of wonderful cooked meats and lots of side dishes.trofeo main1trofeo main2

After eating all that, and you know I have to be a sucker for red cabbage, as well. And the Italian in me, has to have some of those hearty breads. So by the time desert is ready, well, I’ve already swallowed enough to feed half of India–for a year! But you have to leave room to sample some desserts.

trofeo desertsThere were magnums of champagne for you to sample, beer on call, but my favorite, was a little table near the grill. I originally went over for some bread, and there were raw vegetables for the grill, I think. But on the little table was a small wooden flask, so I got a glass and took some, it was a wonderful homemade wine. It reminded me of the wine that my Grandpa and Uncle Tony made in the basement, years ago. It was dry and delicious. I wondered if people used it on their salads! What a delicacy! I am not a boozer, but this was priceless.

trofeo wonderful girlsThe service was wonderful. These two young ladies took your coats and got you upstairs to the food and seats. They were wonderful and spoke some good English. After all, this dumbo can only say about 4 words of Hungarian.

trofeo hornsTrófea from it’s translation means trophy. They have this kind of hunting lodge look, which has its charms when it comes to food. There are 3 locations, this one was convenient to us. In the States, when we think buffet, we think of a lot of yuck food. This is not the case here. They also had birthday party things going on! It is a wonderful place, in a wonderful city, full of wonderful food. Try it!


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