Viva the Element of Color

Sometimes there is joy in just being able to do what you can do. This year is no exception, as I move along quickly to get things done before we roll the year out. Two years ago, I re-cut Chris Brown’ds Transform Ya for the fifth graders end of the year video. During the course of the year I have been trying to re-cut Kanye West/T-Pain’s Good Life because I thought it was such a good video, in spite of the pretty girl with the big boobs and some of the imagery.

I showed this to my fourth grade class and it was interesting to hear how they picked up on what I was trying to show them about their world. I know I should have included food, but it came to me at the end. There were a lot of little goof ups, and I admit I don’t do film for a living. Still as an idea for a classroom and being able to incorporate it in, it works.

I embedded this clip of Girl with a Pearl Earring into the Promethean program and I don’t have to worry, it just comes up. This year I spoke over it, explaining some of the colors as they spoke and worked in the film. I think this is wonderful to show. I used to speak about mixing paint when I taught Leonardo and also the Impressionists. Now with only 10 thirty minute sessions per year (5 hours total art), all of that has gone out the window. I also used to show the clip from Pollack, when Ed Harris works in the garage. That went a long time ago. I’m planning a final collage/painting for 5th as a bye-bye present, as we have been busy with clay this semester, with only a little printmaking thrown in.

It still fascinates me sometimes, what kids can do, without me interfering.

violet gimped finalFinal table sculpture, after Nevelson. Each kid responsible for one box.

bryce's sheet victoria sheehan3rd grade color wheel, 2nd grade color wheel.

deborah lindhurst 3rsishaan gasdickThese were last year. I went into a quilt this year for third, but some of the idea came from here. And was more satisfying than the quilt which combined texture.

for blogThe coloring/completion contest for my 2nd graders.


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