Snowdapest: City of Heroes, not fade away

h The statue of Francis II Rákóczi at Budapest's Hungarian Parliament BuildingFrancis Rákóczi at Budapest’s Parliament

h Sandor KarolyiSandor Karolyi at Varosliget 

h Andrássy út)Along Andrássy út

h Várhegy (Castle Hill)At Várhegy (Castle Hill)

h buda or pestWhether the Pest or Buda side

h inside or outInside or out

h DSC_0489At Hősök tere (Heroes’ Square)

h DSC_0437Heroes are always heroes, whether we know their names or not. They are either heroes out of bravery, industry or notoriety. Snowdapest had many heroes encased in snow, but no less esteemed.

h reaganh DSC_0339Sometimes heroes are not our own favorites, but someone else’s.

DSC_0020 wall ofLiving forever in our hearts, and never to fade away.



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