Live from Santa Fe: Happy 4th


Perhaps due to sensitivity to fires, there were no pyrotechnics in Santa Fe Plaza. The crazy Peruvian magician/comic who did fire eating, also was not present for the evening festivities. Far to say, somewhere out of the center of town, for a mere $5 donation, you could catch fireworks. This seemed to be a day of donations, and some dancing in the Plaza.






DSC_0114As of 7:15, breakfasters were lining up for $7 donations to feast on all-you-can eat pancakes, strawberry toppings and a drink. Businesses had given donations, and volunteers were by the plenty. Any event, brings out truckloads of hard working volunteers.


DSC_0265At the Plaza round noon, the band was in full swing, concession stands draped the north end.


DSC_0179There were the beautiful antique cars, many of us grew up with as kids, near the Governor’s Palace.


DSC_0228 DSC_0244There were many displays of red, white and blue.


DSC_0338Today is our country’s celebration of Independence. This happened a long time ago, when we dumped British rule. We did for something else, not really understanding what it was. It meant moments of happiness, and people still fight for their independence in different ways. While today is a traditional day of barbequing and days off at the beaches, it is nice to see that something goes beyond that display of fireworks, which i kind of miss, and the typical red, white and blue. There is still a pending war away from here, and our thoughts ought to be focused in those places as well.


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