Live from Santa Fe: Windows, etc.

DSC_0708Peeking into the Alan Houser Gallery. The steel silhouette’s look more like native Kara Walkers!

I am here in the artist Disneyworld. Sometimes, art is not enough. Today we visited the Santa Clara Pueblo, to visit a family and see the work of the jewelry artist. He is working with both traditional and contemporary materials. Teachers, who constitute most of the group, tend to be purists. As the artist and his wife begin to speak, you begin to realize that the artform is moving forward for them, and the materials are changing because, as always, availability and cost. Imagine, Leonardo saying, “No I will not try oil paint. I want to remain true to egg tempera.” Not going to happen, as the artists move into new availability, so does the aesthetic.

DSC_0623There are unchained drivers trying to be artists, like this one, in lipstick red with glitter. People have artful souls.

DSC_0626Fish swim in rocks in Santa Fe.

DSC_0178     DSC_0643Heroes like Sgt. Leroy Petry (right) seem to possess superpowers.

DSC_0208Ghosts lurk in the dark.


DSC_0699 Along Lincoln, closed gallery windows take a life of their own.

DSC_0693Sometimes more political.

DSC_0646Even lighting fixtures in the Plaza find themselves full of diversity and hipster style. Would I expect less visually?


The Plaza Cafe is sort of a hip diner, right off the west side of the Plaza. It serves up good Santa Fe food, at some good prices, is always enjoyablewith that kind of ambiance which always keeps it crowded enough. While all of its food has some sense of fusion, there is never confusion. Foods tend to be recognizable, on not too big a plate. And there is nothing larger than their actual deserts.

DSC_0360There is always a window, here a bus window, that yields magic in and around Santa Fe. Postcards appear everywhere.

Too bad Microsoft couldn’t give the same magic. Windows 7 does not do as well with WordPress, as XP. The word processing is even more awful with 7. Again apologies for lack of photoshop and color correction.


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