Live Santa Fe: “think twice, another day in. . .”

DSC_0818Allan Houser’s Dineh in front of the Wheelwright needs no words

Museum Hill is a beautiful setting. It was a great idea to take four museums, three of which are of high quality and put them up on a plateau. It is a great setting for the upcoming Folk Art Festival, which I will miss, and just great for everyday events. I love the setting and they were getting ready for the festival. This year expect blue and green (below), as last year we remember those red lanterns.


DSC_0384The police are also on Museum Hill, getting ready for traffic control.

It is a shame that of three museums, I cannot count The Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, as of 4 years that I have been here it has never been open to the public! Someone in the Wheelwright said they close on Saturday and Sunday—duh? But of the other three, only the Museum of International Folk Art allows you to photograph. We cannot say what the closed museum does.

This policy is understandable for the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. That is because some of the objects have a more religious purpose and are not taken as much as aesthetic, but as part of many pueblo’s ritual context. It is a shame there is not some kind of a boundary, so certain things for informational purposes could be recorded. But as it is, we must respect their beliefs, it is more than enough that we are able to see them, within some historical context to understand.

DSC_0763They did however do a small sculpture garden! Again, Houser.

DSC_0896Aren’t we a studious bunch at the Wheelwright?

I plan to blog at least two at a later date, but for now it was just a great day. We had a docent at both the Indian and the Wheelwright. Both were interesting and up to par. Because this is American art, and recently coming into a broader context, the aid of a docent, which I don’t think you often need, is the opposite here. Unless you have time to research many of the art forms in the Southwest are specific and hold other contextual approaches as well. The International Folk Art (below) is another story, since it too has its own context. But of the three, the most enjoyable, especially for kids.


DSC_0103Mark White Fine Art

DSC_0087I was surprised to see horses along Canyon Drive

DSC_0146Buy your own doorway to India at Seret and Sons

DSC_0155   DSC_0154

.DSC_0150 DSC_0159Other street sights




We ate at the Thunderbird, the food was fine, the waiter was great. Getting seated was another matter with the hostess too much like the Tech guy on Saturday Night Live.

DSC_0594The balloon man spent some time up in the bar in the Thunderbird, he looks like he was helping the local economy.


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