Live from Santa Fe: boo-hoo and bye. . .

DSC_0158The New Mexican Museum of Art

Tomorrow is a day of rushing off, tying loose ends and waiting for passage through security. By the time I walk back in to the unbearable humidity of home, it will be about one pm and my mind will be elsewhere. I will be looking for other adventures and settling back into the southeast coast way of life: shopping malls, parking lots, flat but lush vegetation and no building older than 20 years.

DSC_0156The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, unpretentious in setting, complex inside as she was.

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, like the New Mexican Museum of Art, and the Museum of International Folk Art, have all loosened policies on photographing, so that becomes real interesting. The new show at the Museum is about her art and architecture. There is that great shot Ansel Adams did of her laughing, many paintings that were not photographed as they were part of other collections. But what you could shoot, well, that was great if you wanted to. As usual, I did.

DSC_0147O’Keeffe’s Black Place, Grey and Pink reaffirms her terrific design and color ability.

Boo-hoo! One goes back to one’s life after New Mexico, but not quite the same. Even 39 years ago, with black and white photos, I knew the colors I saw would never be quite the same as other desert. I must be a freak for red oxide. It is just like the fact that the white light, I saw in places like Miami, just two years earlier, Florida would never quite appear the same to me. Both places have color in shadows something you might never see in other places. O’Keeffe got it so right. 

DSC_0109 DSC_0080DSC_0101Ooh la lah!

We had lunch at Tomasita’s, as usual the food and service is great. The hominy with green chiles make your mouth sing.

DSC_0234We missed the fun at the Bandstand having gone walking looking for the old gelato place.



DSC_0246Various views of La Fonda.

La Fonda on the Plaza is the landmark hotel diagonally across the Plaza near the marker that tells you it is the end of the Santa Fe Trail. My friends used to like to go up to the roof and drink. Today, we only visited the lounge for dessert. I have passed it dozens of times, this was the first chance I had to go in and see it up close.

DSC_0192Even in its simplicity, I will miss it.


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