Another nice thing about Chicago: The Windy

shiver me timbersShiver me timbers, matey, the Captain addresses the passengers

Although water has always been a theme, boats are rarely part of it. Some people live on boats. My contact has been simply trying to remain vertical as the old ferry plowed into the wharf, or trying not to get blown into the harbor when winds hit 40. We spent an hour plus in Lake Michigan on the Tall Ship Windy.


postcard1Each view becomes a postcard

chi lakeMy favorite, the color of the water is always unique

lighthouseHopper, eat your heart out

water purifcationIt looked like a circus, but it is a water purification station

happinessSome people just have a great time.

shiver in redIf the real captain is wearing red, who is steering?

The true beauty was simply in the fact that out of the third largest US city, is this beautiful lake, which people boat and swim off of. Something unheard of in parts of the East. Another beautiful thing about Chicago. Too bad the juice ran out of my battery midway. Arrrg!


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