thinkNYC: Live

DSC_0094Down Fifth by the Park. The people seem quieter.

A touchdown via JetBlue to JFK. A hop and skip to Jamaicastation. Eh, voilà! You arrive back in time and ahead in thought to the neverending city. The air is crisp, but not too cold. And I arrive back, back home.

DSC_0134Not to be outdone by Paris or Vegas, this gem joins the glitter group in wait of some spray grafitti.

DSC_0139Mary said they want to do with away with the horses in the park, citing animal cruelty. This may be one infraction.


DSC_0099From Queens to Manhattan, walking around midtown on Fifth. Both the Frick and the Modern have an unusual amount of people for a weekday. My cousin Mary and I both notice this as we wait around 12 at the Frick. The Frick has a show which centers on the Dutch and the highlight is The Girl with the Pearl Earring, and she can be seen in the lower left hand top photo, as well as live at the Frick. There are some gems of later Rembrandts, including a self-portrait. There are two large Hals from earlier years, before the brushwork got exhuberant and pointed.

It is amazing to see this gem, all by herself and the crowds so hushed. The Frick is a no photo affair. Too bad, in one room sits 2 Titians, 2 Holbein’s (Thomases More and Cromwell), one El Greco and the last St Francis by Bellini is a sight for sore eyes. There is a room full of Reynolds, good Reynolds. Several exceptional van Dykes, especially a woman, which was often not especially part of his reportoire. There are many wonderful paintings, including several Piero della Francesco’s. There are the Four Seasons by Boucher. These you would think would have hit the art history books more. Spring is lovely with a young couple ready to kiss, and that color. A behind on Summer that would have made Renoir smile. There are 3 more Vermeers!

DSC_0175Excuse the shot (and spots), this is unphotoshopped. These guys had to stand on a line, I have the privilege of membership card. –Except no photos, please!

The Mystery of the Ordinary is a perfect title to the Magritte show. There is plenty to see, including the strange painting of the girl toothing to death a bird from a German collection. With the exception of this one, a more than likely guest in Artaud’s cruelty theatre fest. The rest is the fair we have come to know of Magritte, as we do Dali, Both superb technicians, they are the masters of Surreal, the poets of nothing. Both open up their mouths and make sounds no more than the opening shots of Liv Ulmann in The Silence.

DSC_0227Oh technology!

DSC_0460A night out at school, with the award winner jumping around all over the place after the awards are given out. Hm. Smarter move, give out the awards to the upper grades first and the parents will keep an eye on the lower graders ready to jump and have fun.

After pizza, what else? A large pizza, like only you can get in NY, but I notice the crusts are more rubbery than they used to be. The toppings are good and the pie served burn-the-roof-of-your-mouth hot. We sit in an old turn of the last century corner store, with glass on both sides. The buildings in LIC are forever, only the purposes change along a residential street.

It is a post-911, post-Sandy world. Not as cold as expected and almost 4, the loud drunks of Union Turnpike’s Cheap Shots seemed to have gone home to sleep it off.  Well, almost.


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