A Drive Along the Million Dollar Run

sheeler delaware bridgeDon’t get too romantic over the Scheeleresque beautiful. . .

If you travel the Northeast corridor between, say Baldimore and the NYC area, you are probably going to get–cha-ching!–big time, on the stretch I call Million Dollar Run. God knows what revenues this thing generates, but it is enough to finance India on a good day.

delaware tollboothCha-ching! Four dollars more one way!

Construction of the Delaware Memorial Bridge began in 1949, and took two years to complete. It cost $44 million, so for over 60 years–cha-ching!–they have been racking up dough on this sucker. Delaware, the king of corporate states,  gets the bucks, like they really need it.

Lots of hidden treasures await you. Well, that is a lot of treasures that are hidden, somewhere in the pockets of the states of Maryland, Delaware, NJ and NYC and beyond. The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge which is in operation 50 years or so next year, the RFK Bridge (how Bobby would shutter in his grave knowing the Port Authority cleans the linings of the pockets of its citizens daily) with the one way thingy they do. V-N at $15 a pop, but only one way! For that money, you think they would do a better paint job.

christie photo

the ticketI am so glad Gov. Christie can post his photo in every rest area in the state of New Jersey, but what should be posted are the increases under his watch on the Turnpike. Get a look at what this sucker will cost you (photo left). Make sure you double click on this sucker, if you have never traveled on a turnpike, this is the ticket you get upon entering from an automated booth, that tells you–cha-ching!–what riding this baby is gonna cost ya. It is the nation’s sixth-busiest toll road and is one of the most heavily traveled, and collecting chump change since 1951 upon opening!

Not to worry, if you are unfortunate to ride on the upper part of the Garden State Parkway, you get to pay another $3 before entering I-87 in NY, another toller, I think.

  garden state1


stronger 150 i would say

The Garden State is a lovely stretch of road, the lower half being free, but up through Bergen County is another story. Jersey may be stronger than the storm, but even more strong with a coupla your bucks in its pockets. Notice, pesky violators will not like the results. It was constructed between 1946 and 1957, all dates noted by Wikipedia.

between the tunnel and the bridge  toll plazaBetween the Fort McHenry Tunnel and the Delaware Memorial Bridge is another obscure stretch of toll road.

There is an avoidable toll between tunnel and bridge in Delaware. You just get off and through a series of lefts towards Baltimore, you can get out of the toll.

tunnel2 tunnel 3That pesky tunnel!

The Fort McHenry Tunnel was completed in 1985, costing roughly $750 million. The annual traffic may be 40 million vehicles, and at 4 bucks a pop, that ain’t dog chow. After twenty plus years, has it paid for itself? How long does the public in the Northeast have to pay for stuff–cha-ching!–, the rest of the country provides for its citizens?

tunnel 1



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