Forgotten Blog: Sleeping in the Chair

How do you keep 1500+ bodies, most in mental and physical movement, in unison and focused? (asked in 2011)

One answer, spend a lot of nights sleeping in the chair. I feel like I go through a few days in a day. The school day, the after school day, the visit to pat part of some days, the computer after dinner day, the sleep in the chair, and the awakening an hour or so later to either grade, plan, set up (clean out glue caps; sterilize and cut food trays for things like handprints, reorganize student artwork for grading, research, etc.). A little sleep in between, then get up and do it again.

How do you keep 750+ bodies, most in mental and physical movement, in unison and focused? (asked in 2013)

One answer, spend a night sleeping in the chair, but only when grades are due. Go from the chair to work, so you can be in by 7 am to unload/load the kiln and stay until 7:30 pm to make sure the room doesn’t burn down! Pat has moved on to another place, so I have oodles of time to get my grades in the book straight! I teach each half of the school in two different semesters. Meanwhile, my county still cannot get us the hint of a raise in 3 years, and no step in 2.

laying out work

4th grade line installation4th grade line installation, a way of keeping them engaged during the Kline painting.

good stuff by tiara and treasureTiara’s fifth grade production of sketch, transfer finish, plate, proof and print. Treasure’s 3rd grade line painting.

Some things do get better I suppose, merry Christmas.









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