Enfin, Paris!: Flair

Little things like this give the French their own style.

Several years ago during the Bush administration very many negative things were said about the French. It dismayed me, because France, generally throughout our history has always been a good friend and ally. Unlike the UK, which we really have a strong bloodline with, and therefore are more like our kindest cousins, France often tells us what we need to hear. We don’t like it sometimes, but that to me, has always been the sign of a truly good friend.

DSC_0352The East Coast also gets those magical Spring gray days, but Paris always seem to have a little color in there somehow.

DSC_0720 notre damConcoctions like this are only “saved” by the beauty of setting and care in detail surrounding it.

highs and lowsFrom the highs of Sacré-Cœur Basilica to the lows of Tour Eiffel.

DSC_0010Or Versailles.

pyramidOr Le Louvre.

petit stairwayOr the Le Petit Palais.

visualizing greatness 2 rodin museum

visualizing greatness rodin museumEven goofballs (hem, me included) come across more magnifique en Paris!

musee rodin compositeWho puts one of the most beautiful male sculptures on a wooden stool base and gets away with it? Well, they do at the Musée Rodin.

 DSC_0701If we do something like this in NYC it has the element of Pop, in Paris it contains elements of the surreal.

element of goofySometimes the element of goofy.

DSC_0467Or sentimental.

moulin1Or ooh la lah.

zOr whatever.

What the French have always done is have style. Style is something everyone has, but some style trumps other style, just because. The English have a definitive style, so do the Italians. Americans really do have style, but it is something else. A bit of brass well placed, a certain way with putting words together or a tilt of a head. Paris drips of it, they don’t even know it. The West in the US is never self-conscious about its style. That is different in a place like NYC where they are always self-conscious about it. And what is flair? It is just a certain way of being self-confident about your style, and doing it just a tad more.

strange compositeIn the Metro (left), an hommage to Cartier Bresson at the Pompidon’t (right).


kids two viewsDifferent takes on childhood.

en metro

While I think many things within the Paris Metro are wonderful, I would never discount NYC for the mural work done over the past 20 years. The dreary long walk in that connecting tunnel in 42nd Street, became another planet with interesting tilework and imagery of people walking. This reminded me of it.

espace dali

DSC_0814Silly, but fun. Why can’t my torso look like his!

Merci bien, Paris. Le stupide jeune homme qui est devenu le vieux fou va vous aimer à jamais.









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