’14 New Mex Live: Happy 4th

DSC_0329Plenty went on in the Plaza this July 4th, besides what we were doing. Santa Fe seemed even more festive than last year.

Today was a beautiful day, cool air and sunshine. The Plaza by noon was stuffed with so many people you moved along carefully, not to bump into each other as people danced, listened to music and took pictures. There were kids around with folks and even more festive than last year, although by 7 at night it was all gone. No fireworks, that happens somewhere else, but the Girls on Stilts will do enough boom boom for the day.

DSC_0166The Girls on Stilts did more than stop traffic. . .

DSC_0310. . .they almost smothered the Pancake Man. . .

DSC_0351. . .who ran off posing for pictures.

DSC_0325No, this is not one of the winners of the car show.

The car show had even more cars than I have ever seen. And you know everyone was there for the pancakes being sponsored by the Rotary Club Pancakes On The Plaza, which always look great, the pancakes. The girls on stilts were the best, and there were two different music groups playing, but unfortunately neither can I find via Google. Santa Fe always seems to be filled with music. One was a 14 year old, with enough charm to fill a million bracelets.



DSC_0400The fourteen year old that sang and danced like a pro.

DSC_0353The pancakes looked great, too.

With the Crizmac group in the afternoon, it was off to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, which had on a new show Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams: The Hawai’i Pictures, which was well done as always. All museums, as well as the streets, had plenty of people on the move.

DSC_0443Does anyone ever talk about O’Keeffe’s photos? (Sorry no photoshop on the road.)

DSC_0464Andy cutting up in front of the Chicago painting.

Tonight was free night at the New Mexico Museum of Art and the Governor’s Palace right there on the square, so you know that is where I was going to be. Local Color: Judy Chicago in New Mexico 1984–2014 was so well put together, especially the paintings. There was two other photos shows upstairs and Southwestern Allure: The Art of the Santa Fe Art Colony, which featured Bellows, Henri and even a Hopper watercolor, as well as the usual suspects who put Santa Fe on the artmap. There was even a little Georgia O’Keeffe from the Orlando Museum of Art on loan.

DSC_0460I shot this by the O’Keeffe Museum, that’s about as fireworks as it gets.


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