’14 New Mex Live: The Hill and beyond

DSC_0689The Hill will be hopping next weekend. The International Folk Market will be coming to town.

When art people refer to The Hill in Santa Fe, they are meaning Museum Hill, which sits neatly on the top of a residential section which overlooks old beautiful, green mountains. Museum Hill contains 4 museums, count them folks! I got to be in all four today. We went as part of our studies, but the festiveness of what will come next weeks already creeps in. That is nothing bad.

DSC_0682After a few unsuccessful tries other years, the Museum is open again!

I was lucky enough to finally get into the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art. It is small, and seems to be emerging. It was in between a change in collections. Oh, yeah, no photos, boo hoo! Although you were allowed a few outside. The collection is devoted to understanding the role the Spanish, and in particular, the colonial Spanish rancho community made in helping to shape New Mexico. Examples of paintings, retablos, bultos, iron and tinwork, furniture, weaving are all represented. There is even a neat little house outside, which while not native to the area, is an example of a Mexican colonial house.


DSC_0661    DSC_0659


Two other museums, further down the road, were a little more busy. The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture is devoted to the study of native peoples, often by showing their art and artifacts and their culture. It sits directly across the Museum of International Folk Art. They were having a show on turquoise and its importance to pueblo culture. There were other photographic portraits as well of Indians beginning post-Civil War.


DSC_0707     DSC_0794

DSC_0694   DSC_0860Directly above (right) you can see the adire cloth designed by the artist who is part of the Between Two Worlds show.

Brasil & Arte Popular (Brazil and Folk Art) is a great show of several, in that it captures through folk art how diverse the Brazilian people are and how much has been poured into their culture. There are over 300 examples of their art, represented by the museum collection. They were also having a great opening for Between Two Worlds, which included haute cuisine. So imagine, you are going to visit a great museum, and unexpectedly they feed you, and what is the fare? Indian appetizers, African entrees, Japanese sushi and barbeque, El Salvadorian burrito and drink, and lots of pastry. Is this a great city, or what?




Our visit on the Hill ended with at the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian which was initially the brainchild of Mary Cabot Wheelwright to preserve Navaho culture. Most of the work eventually was returned to the pueblo, and the Museum is still evolving into a museum of the American Indian.

DSC_0894A street procession to honor the Madonna.

DSC_0970Great display is what it’s all about. As ‘Nando says, it’s not how you feel, it’s how you look.


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One Response to “’14 New Mex Live: The Hill and beyond”

  1. Jamie Pettit Says:

    Aw….I am missing being with all of you! Love that area…have a great time!

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