About this site.

This site is wide and rambling. It is about the arts, especially visual. It is about art education in action. It is largely about museums, countries, places of interest. Any easy term search (above) will wind up anywhere.

Comments are always welcome, I always wonder if anyone ever reads this. Well, at least the pictures are pleasant.

As I stood in one of the numerous room in La Alhambra in Spain, the home of the Emir, two tourists sat, her shooting him. I thought to myself, what would the original occupants thought?



7 Responses to “About this site.”

  1. habitatrome Says:

    I was asked about what I do, well I’m a university professor of Roman art and architecture. As for the rest it’s all in my blog.

  2. dweebcentric Says:

    i love the caption that went with the photo. what would the original occupants have thought? i think that, too, when touring the castles and mansions of former royalty.

  3. David Sweet Says:

    I would like permission to use one of your Chinatown shots in a documentary I’m doing about America.

  4. Peyton Todd Says:

    I love the painting at the right hand side (the red one) of your image of two Georgia O’Keeffe Jack in the pulpit paintings. Do you know of any way I can purchase it for my living room? Thanks!

    • thinkvisual/thinkMuseum Says:

      If you are talking about Jack-in-the-pulpit no. 2 contact the Woman’s Museum to see if they have a copy of the print. Or take the name and go online and put in reproduction. There are several services who produce beautiful prints of rarely in print artworks.

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