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Home: Daytona Beach?–why not!

October 5, 2014

nancy and jantzenFunky stuff like this transform a beach town into pure fun. Nancy surveys the Jantzen girl.

I haven’t been in Daytona Beach forever, I have passed through dozens of times to make the connection to 95. I have headed for St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Savannah, North Carolina, DC, NYC and beyond. It took a friend from Texas, Nancy Walkup, to get me to go into Daytona Beach for an FAEA convention she was speaking at.

welcome daytonaDaytona calls itself  “the world’s most beautiful beach,’ and was the only beach I know with cars on it, and girls in thongs serving lunch off a truck.

riptide1 composite 2Lunch at Riptide, no extra charge for the fiberglass shark.

As Nancy probably had had no breakfast, we asked the valet’s for a place to have seafood. They suggested Riptide, a couple of miles down the road. My lunch cost a lot less than what I had to pay the Hilton for valet parking, when their regular lot was jam-packed.

big shark

big shark2

cruisingA nice sort of funkiness sets in with stuff like this.

Daytona may, or may not, have the world’s most beautiful beach, but over the years it has gotten itself more together and remained a pleasant, funky kind of beach town. It remains more that this little section of Atlantic Avenue. Beyond there is a big race track, major golfing, a convention center and a small, but international, airport.

jantzen goes swimming

Nancy was impressed by the cleanliness. I was impressed by the pretty, young things in bikini’s on the street. A nice place to go, when in the state. Especially without the hubbub of Bike Week or Spring Break.

yipesSuns out, guns out? I hope no one told George Zimmerman that.

thank you daytonaWell, that quick, I grabbed the bag got out the camera and managed to get the shot on my way out to I-4 doing 50 mph.