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’14 NM Live: Adios, vamos a estar siempre aquí

July 10, 2014

DSC_0302Our first stop in Chimayó was at the Centinela Studio, where we met Irvin Trujillo, master weaver.

Irvin and his wife Lisa, who is also a master weaver, had samples of their beautiful work up and explained the history and traditions of Latino weaving traditions in New Mexico. It is interesting to remember that it was all New Spain, before it was anything. Mexico later, then finally with the Mexican-American War, what we know as New Mexico was annexed from Mexico. The sheep came from Spain, some of the manufactured dyes from Germany, then yarn even from Pennsylvania. Some of the traditions of the Navaho weaving designs merged with designs traced back to Moorish Spain.



DSC_0322    DSC_0315


We would later leave for Ortega’s Weaving Shop, and find Mr. Ortega (I am not sure if it was Robert or David) that we spoke to. He, like Irvin Trujillo, had started weaving as a boy of 10 years old.


DSC_0373Workroom and showroom at Ortega’s.

The Santuario de Chimayó is a sacred place, as it has sands there believed to restore health. The people go there with much reverence. I have been there before and it is not a place to take lightly. This day was sparse attendance, the weather was beautiful.



DSC_0387We might have misses a few divas.


DSC_0448On the grounds of El Santuario de Chimayó.

DSC_0464On the road, again.

DSC_0474And now to end our journey as one, we gathered at the Rancho de Chimayó

Rancho de Chimayó is a place that is world renowned. You couldn’t have asked for a classier setting in this sacred country? What kind of effect will this place have upon our divas?

DSC_0484Ask Bridget.

DSC_0506Ask the grand ladies from Tucson.

DSC_0527Ask the Annapolis trio.


Now the food is going to come. It looks beautiful. And how did our darling divas do?





DSC_0542    DSC_0556





DSC_0643Next comes many gifts from Stevie, Nancy and Bill.


DSC_0630From orange poppies, gift certificates, sculptures and. . .


DSC_0681. . .finally, for our 14-trip veteran, Maggie, a special and personal gift.

DSC_0757The ride back always gives us different insights.

DSC_0721No matter where we go, we will always be here.