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’14 New Mex Live: How the West was One

July 9, 2014

DSC_0559 - CopyCatch the corner window of Georgia O’Keeffe’s bedroom, that is the closest you are going to get to shooting it!

A little time at Ghost Ranch, just a visit, not the tour. I heard the young lady say it was $450 a night for single person. A few nights there I could go to Europe. We also genuflected at the Georgia O’Keeffe Abiquiu house, it is good to go, but quite overprotected. The shot above was done from a bus going about 45 miles an hour with a closeup lens (love the workman, never saw him)! There are no cameras, phones, bags, nothing allowed. The tour is pretty good, and the guide was real on the ball. It is wonderful to weave sense out of what she did, by how she lived.


DSC_0601My unofficial official of the group, remember no photoshop here.







DSC_0857    DSC_0866At Abiquiu.





DSC_0949 - Copy

Today the weather went from bright to cloudy to bright to rain. Life is full of postcards.


DSC_0165Bill Palmer’sTV Killers at the bandstand.














The Patron Saint of New Mexico

March 5, 2010

There is an exquisiteness the way Billie Holiday could lay one note next to another in a phrase like: “I only know mis-er-ee, has to be, part of, me,” in the beautiful Deep Song. Painting, likewise, is laying one color next to another, and the effect it produces.  Feathery brushstokes aside, the Impressionists understood this from Delacroix. Likewise, van Gogh, Gaugain and Seurat understood this like the night is to day. The greatest painter of the 19th century may be considered Cezanne, because he capitalized this so subtly you forget, totally in awe of what a master he was of space composition. Then, of course, the beloved patron saint of Baltimore: Henri Matisse. The Cone collection at the BMA can keep you busy for days. It would make you as happy as a day in Paris rumbling through the exquisiteness of the Rodin Museum. Or in the one in Philly for that matter.

I used to believe the greatest 20th century American painter was Hopper. After all, we all genuflect after the altar of Cezanne. No one goes untouched, even those, like me, who are totally and forever touched by Degas. Our debt to re-seeing the space composition of Perugino and his Raphael, is owed to the wonderful work of the rhythm and power of Cezanne’s beautiful still lifes.

The Hopper of color, does that with perfect candor. Scrubbed and textureless, Hopper’s work invites you psychically to place fingers behind overlapping forms to feel the space. It is wonderful to come face to face with a Hopper whether New York, or anywhere else. Seeing a recognizable painting is like seeing an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time: all at once familiar, and delightful.

O”Keeffe at the DeYoung in SF

The Phillips Collection has four nice O”Keeffe’s (sorry for the reflection)

As of my visit to Santa Fe this summer. After a genuflect or two, at the winter home of O’Keeffe, I really like the work. I think her color work is wonderful and she offers so much over a long period of time. In the museum which is her namesake, you have to admire the oeuvre and some of the fine drawing. It is like the little Cezanne I wanted to help myself to, if only to slip it under my jacket and take it home for a while, long ago at the Boston show light years ago. Here is O’Keeffe in all her glory. Wonderful work, and some nice things stashed recently in the Phillips Collection in DC.

Winter Residence of O’Keeffe: This is as close as a photo gets from the road!!!

The only thing I don’t like about O”Keefe is the way that they have canonized her in New Mexico. In Sante Fe, we speak of her in such hushed tones you would think she was a Juan Gris painting. I did get to the Abiquiu winter house, and it is wonderful, but again so many bullfeathers (the docent has a second, who watches what you do at all times, as if you were going to steal a spicebox off the shelf, or steal a rock out of the garden!) And holy cow, NO PHOTOS, you would think you were in the Sistine Chapel!!! It is a shame, because the Rembrandt house in Amsterdam is a great time (even though it is a supposed reconstruction). When I think of places I have been in besides like even Ca’Zan in Sarasota, or the wonderful Casa Milà apartment by Gaudi–it is like, fer crissakes!–stop taking yourself so serious. For real, what would Georgia have said, and remember she was a pretty tough broad. The same at Albiquiu, they don’t even stop the bus, so you can see the summer house!

The Summer Ghost Ranch O’Keeffe residence: Shot on the moving bus!!!

The top photo at the time is Los Primos, a Southwest band, performing at the International Folk Art Market. How unpretentious and fun the band was. The band performed under the same beautiful skies O’Keeffe painted, a time back before they canonized her.

O’Keeffe saw the world in possibilities. Madonna was right, beauty is where you find it. The world offers so many possibilities. Isn’t painting great, isn’t it great to be alive!?