Le Bon Temps à NOLA: Sign of the times

“A sign is a representation of an object that implies a connection between itself and its object. A natural sign bears a causal relation to its object. . .”


In New Orleans, I noticed in the French Quarter a lot of old steel signs, sometimes with neon, that were still in use. Many of these signs have disappeared in other cities, but here they remain somewhat protected and surviving.

I particularly loved this one. It had a smaller sign in the background which was funny (here left). Don’t be afraid to click on it, to really look.

When I was in Vegas, you got to see the great old signs displayed in the outdoors, they even have a boneyard. Here in Orlando someone has been saving them for years. NOLA is a place which is not afraid to show its oldness. It is one city that revels in it in the old Quarter. There are so many wonderful things to look at. It was a fun as Amsterdam is for that.

Sometimes goofy.

Some things don’t need a sign to announce their reputation.

Old and new, love the neon jellyfish!

Sometimes it’s hip and modern.

Sometimes a little sad.

Shot from a bus window quickly, I had no idea that the Ritz Carlton, which used to be so classy would take over the old S.H. Kress building and then cover up part of it’s name. On top of everything, why would you have set the canopy the way you did? For more check this site.

These are all over the Quarter, and explain the period, when Spanish controlled the city.

At 241 Royal Street, I shot this interesting mosaic.

Wow, image shooting something you like and finding out this piece of history: A. Monteleone Shoe Factory & Retail Store formerly number 51. Monteleone opened eventually a hotel by the same name across the street, and now famous! New Orleans has a lot of things like this.

There is street car signage.

Just the regular.


Even when they say closed, it doesn’t end there.


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One Response to “Le Bon Temps à NOLA: Sign of the times”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    NOLA could have their own sign museum and say, eat your heart out, Vegas.

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