A New Year: –d’y’think?

“And when the sun goes down
It gets brighter in my heart somehow

– Morrison, Shoniwa and Smith


“Dear Vevo: Let me start by saying get your fat corporate s-es off youtube! Ever since these big companies started paying off youtube so they could post their   videos  we  can’t post ours. We are flagged for infringement every time we include  a song we like in our videos. This is YOUtube, the place where  we can post OUR videos. If we wanted to listen to music from you we’d go to your website. For people who want greedy, corporates gone, thumbs up and copy this on Vevo vids”

“On the 10th of Jaunary 2011 a worldwide boycott of youtube will take place. Which means for one whole day no-one will visit youtube. We want VEVO (and other companies) and their f*cking ads OUT. Do your part sharing this comment on as many videos as possible and give this one a thumbs up”

And you never saw such a comments on youtube these days! Above this photo are two comments posted on youtube, which will prove to be a contentious fight between corporate ventures like VEVO* and the young who want a free internet over this decade. It is a fight over copyright and commerce.

Thirty years ago, in the awful Reagan years, came something quite wonderful. We had lost independent radio stations which really gave way to independent bands and a movement away from white male oriented album music. But here was this thing called Mtv. It was visually interesting and new. Aside from being videoized music, it was fun and in that same vein that independent radio was. In its original format, it did not last the decade, but became a commercial BS thing. Although the long term effects of Mtv gave way to young people today on the internet.

The world is changing and the property laws developed from English Law and the American 19th century MUST be re-evaluated. The world has changed, and Corporate Amerika (which is really global) needs to get a little more hip. They may have the American market, but there is a whole world of young, hip kids who aren’t going to put up with their “stuff” anymore. By the way, for those flagwavers, complexity of property laws in the United States got a big impetus because of concern of property rights over human beings (i.e.-slavery).

The first blog I ever wrote here, Review, was this subject:


* “Vevo, stylized as VEVO, is a music video website. It is a joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Abu Dhabi Media

–quote from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vevo

Quoting Nelly, “oh why do i live this way, must be the money.”


And on the home front, a great week in school! The kids came back as plugged in, as I was and ready for work. Just productive and wonderful! There was one short crappy meeting. We have more kids coming, which makes our numbers higher, and class sizes going over the legal limit! We have two new teachers, but no one knows who their classes are! Only two sour notes:

1. I got blackballed into taking an intern, something which just adds general BS to this year. I have to take a class to “supervise” ?!! [for crissakes, do I need more schooling? I have an Ed.D!)

2. Another art teacher told me, that he has about 4 kids sitting in his room sometimes. They are using Special Area (Art, Music and PE) to remediate kids for FCAT. I think this is illegal. It also is unethical. But this is the end result of stuff like Race to the Top.

(Another note on the photo above: when I go by the South of the Border ads, I think of Dr. Martha Lue Stewart. I wonder how we would categorize these ads? Are they stereotypical or just plain dumb?)



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3 Responses to “A New Year: –d’y’think?”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    note: your link to your old post just reverts back to this post.

    on a side note, thinking about the copyright laws and need for change, that’s exactly what creative commons licensing was set up to do. creativecommons.org/

  2. thinkvisual Says:

    scroll down to the bottom, you will find review, it was the first and these are all under copyright infringement.

  3. A New Year: Race to the Flop « Thinkvisual's Blog Says:

    […] https://thinkvisual.wordpress.com/2011/01/09/a-new-year-dythink/ […]

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