Home: Duh, the coast.

What is better than finding new places to go to? Especially if it is a little museumy, or sort of galleryish? My intern had a show in a gallery, and I went for a visit and whilst on the coast, stopped into a local museum!

We saw the show housed in the Atlantic Center for the Arts at the Harris House (above) in New Smyrna, and the manager/curator had this strange thing set up with tax forms (left). Oh, I said, it looks like some kind of  an installation, I was looking for a title box, somewhere. He laughed and I asked him if I could shoot it. It was set up for any buyers who wanted to buy pieces, hence the tax forms!

New Smyrna is a small beach community, set on the site of a colony which was an indentured servant/land grant colony. I believe, it is said in St. Augustine, that the Greek and Italian survivors fled there because of extreme cruelty, which is why there is a surviving Greek chapel along the old main street. See the legend on the stone (photo left below).

There was a street festival, but we walked around a little bit, to get a feel for the area. They have a history of the colony and several war memorials (right below, Korean War memorial).There are places like this all along the east and west coasts of the United States. They are mixtures of “beach” people, surfers and arts types of people. They look great usually and they revolve as their own satellite. xx

Janene waves hi from the Milwaukee Road car, one of two there. They appeared to be opened for tours.

At $13 a head, the Daytona Beach Museum of Arts and Science is not cheap, but the nice information/ticketer, said, “oh, you are the first ones from that museum today. And North American reciprocal members.” That means, we pay nothing.

It is a combination museum. Part of the Root family, Coca Cola memorabilia. a kid’s museum, a nature garden and some art and two train cars.


Their is a small, but tasty collection of Cuban art, circa 1955. One is terrific by Sandú Darié, Dynamic Spatial Composition (below). This was one of the best things in the museum. There are some beautiful pieces of colonial furniture and some Colonial limner portraits.

We didn’t have time for the nature preserve, which looked nice. For more information:

The Daytona Beach  Museum of Arts & Sciences (MOAS)


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